Strategic Marketing Planning

Conception and development of marketing strategy plans in coordination with membership sales promotions by month or quarter that include integrated channel planning across digital, social, and traditional marketing and targeted community events. Development of monthly marketing plan focused on generating new leads, member referrals, corporate opportunity and campaigns to re-engage ex members, missed guests, and aged web leads.

Creative Consulting

Provides specialized skills and expertise in the fitness industry as well as an external perspective and viewpoint. I provide accountability for my clients. I help them define and document their goals and objectives, build a budget and a plan, and demand metrics tied to those objectives.

Digital Media Direction

Promoting your health club or fitness studio online through your website, social media and advertisements can be a difficult task. I can help provide clarity by aligning you with the right partners in search optimization, digital targeting and web design to give your club an improved presence (and in turn, increase your leads) online.  

Project Marketing Management

My mission for small clubs or studios without  marketing staff is to help owners become the CEO again and focus on higher payoff work. I assist in determining which initiatives to engage in and allocating the right partners for the job.  In some cases, I'm asked to take the reigns and manage the department in coordination with sales management and ownership.

Project Communication

I design or collaborate with design teams to create outreach material, (flyers, passes, door hangers, etc...) for sales teams, social media creative, drip email campaigns and email and text initiatives. Ongoing, evolving communication with your prospects is key in keeping top of mind and converting down the road.